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Dizain Poem & Quote – Wisdom in Old Age

wisdom, is realising you know nothing
everything is not like it used to be
listen, closely, what others are saying
depression, try laughter it’s guaranteed
avoid stress try learning to live carefree
don’t try pleasing everyone, please yourself
forget all the bad things and pride oneself
true, sad heart will repair if you let it
hold to your dreams, don’t live life on a shelf
wisdom is, learn to laugh not throw a fit.

Dizain Poem It is a French poem popular in the 15th and 16th centuries, it is a single stanza of 8 or 10 lines (10 being more common), with 8 or 10 syllables in each line, the rhyme scheme is ababcdcd, or ababbccdcd

Summary – This poem is a 10 lined, 10 syllables, with rhyme ababbccdcd


“It is strange how often a heart must be broken, before the years can make it wise.” ― Sara Teasdale.