A Walk Around the Lake

With the mind silent while approaching the marshlands,
there seemed to be a little magic all around in the air, 
standing beside me, bright eyes sparkling down at me,
was the man that has walked beside me for sixty years.

The sun was sinking casting a shadow across the lake
if only we were a generation younger and more active,
magic was still there, that we had felt for so many years.
Mindfulness came, playing full attention to the setting sun.

The language of the lake was seeping into my body and soul
as a black swan slowing swam by, not even noticing us,
the scent of the colourful wild flowers slowly disappeared
as the night air floated in and the stars started to appear.

The calmness of the lake flowed through my veins and heart,
peace was all around me, as we made our way back home.
The lake was starting to look very dark and dangerous,
safe, hands clasped together, our love was felt as one.

Free Form is free from both meter and rhyme. It is free from the limitations of verse poetry.