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Brady’s Touch Poem Challenging Poetry

Most poetry is written from the heart 
Not sure it’s eternal graffiti
because poets are real artists
Some graffiti is beautiful

Indifference is the state of art
it is like calling someone sweetie
Poetry gives us love, we harvest
Sometimes it is not suitable

Brady’s Touch – a decastich (10-line poem) created by Maryann Merryweather-Travis on November 2006, in honor of Allen Brady.

  • It is made of 2 quintets (5-line stanzas) with a specific rhyme and syllabic count.
  • Line length: Each stanza follows the same pattern of 9-9-8-8-2 syllables.
  • Rhyme scheme: abxcd abxcd
  • Thus the second stanza is an exact replica of the first stanza in terms of line length and rhyme. The poem really has a nice sound, with the rhyming sounds being so far apart from each other.