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Amaranth Poem – Crazy Day

Come on
are you
laughing now
when you
know I fell
breaking my leg
now you are

Copyright © 2019 Elsie Hagley

Amaranth – a invented verse form that was probably created as a teaching tool by Viola Gardner. It makes deliberate use of the 9 most common metric feet.

  • 9 lines strophe. It is a stand alone poem.
  • metric, the 9 most common metric feet are used in sequence.
    L1 Spondee SS
    L2 Iamb uS
    L3 Pyrrhic uu
    L4 Dactyl Suu
    L5 Trochee Su
    L6 Amphimacer SuS
    L7 Choriamb SuuS
    L8 Anapest uuS
    L9 Amphibrach uSu

For me this was a fun form of New poetry to write, I had to go back to school to understand what each line meant, hopefully I got there.